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Patient surveys have shown that the quality of medical provision in Germany in general can be valued as being good. Most patients, however, are not satisfied with the coordination, information and communication. Many complain about inadequate elucidation, insufficient planning and a  lack of clarification of alternative diagnostic or treatment procedures. Upon dismissal there is often too little information and no concept for further medical attendance. The majority wish for more clarity and transparency within the healthcare system.
The hospital “Helle Mitte” has, since 2006, established a novel approach through the Diagnostic Center Berlin.
More than 40 specialists of differing areas co-operate with the Diagnostic Center making diagnostic procedures and  necessary treatment possible on one location only.
Another novelty is the primary introduction of the patient to a Case Manager, who is also a medical specialist. The Case Manager and the patient decide together, after a physical examination and an in-depth consultation, which diagnostic procedures must be undertaken from a medical point of view. Following that an individual schedule is devised taking into consideration the patient’s private and professional time available, in order to introduce the patient timely to the relevant specialists. Our assistants will ensure a smooth process.
Once the diagnoses have been completed, the patient revisits the Case Manager for evaluation of the results. Any necessary treatment can then be decided on and, if the patient so wishes, coordinated by the Diagnostic Center. This approach of centralized organization and individual care not only saves the patient time, but also guarantees transparency and avoids tedious repetition of examinations. Furthermore the Case Manager and the patient acquire knowledge on when and why the medical condition developed.
A presentation to the Diagnostic Center is not only possible in cases of chronic and acute conditions, but can also be used as a means of preventative healthcare. Our goal is to determine the causes of complaints and symptoms as best as we can and treat wherever possible. Organ-specific and functional coherences are taken into account and are realized through our special Checkup programmes.
Of utmost importance are also our screenings for early detection of diseases and avoidance of long-term damage as suggested by the respective scientific associations.

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