Diagnostics to determine level of physical fitness

The goal of our diagnostics is to determine your present fitness status as an athlete, whether you are a professional or not. Once this information has been gleaned we can concentrate on improving the training in your chosen sport and thus focus on a goal much better. Otherwise there is the danger of overexertion and damage.

  • Exercise tolerance to determine general level of fitness
  • In-depth examination through a specialist
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Ergometry

    Ergometry assists in the recognition of heart and lung disease and is an important method to determine risks and for prevention.
  • Spiroergometry
Spiroergometry is a diagnostic analysis in order to rate the physical condition and fitness. Measurement of ventilatory volume (breathing) in relaxation and under stress can offer valuable information about the metabolism.

  • Lactic acid measurement
Lactic acid is mainly produced in muscle cells and red blood cells. It forms when the body breaks down carbohydrates to use for energy during times of low oxygen levels. Your body's oxygen level might drop during intense exercise or if you have an infection or disease. The test gives detailed information on the level of fitness and the aerobic-anaerobic border.

Altitude training

Altitude training is used for sport in which a good physical endurance is required such as long-distance running, cycling or cross-country skiing. In order to achieve a high level of performance over a long period of time, energy must be provided in the body’s cells.

We can offer a work-out in well-equipped multi-vision-rooms in close co-operation with your personal trainer. Who will help you benefit from the positive effects of high-altitude trainin:

  • Training in individually optimized altitudes
  • Available all year long
  • Increased aerobic physical capabilities
  • Improvement of the lactic acid-performance ratio
  • Increase in maximum oxygen intake
  • Economization of cardiovascular system
  • Faster rehabilitation after surgery

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