News from December 2007: Metabolism

Metabolic Syndrome is a systemic disease of the metabolism and presents as a combination of overweight, high blood pressure, lipid metabolic disorder and Diabetes Mellitus Type II. There are variations as not all of the mentioned aspects must present.
With an increase in age the chances of suffering from one or the other variation increases. Due to external factors such as occupational demands and concomitant diseases, physical exercise is commonly reduced and less emphasis placed on a healthy diet. Timely medical check-ups are recommended to enable avoidance of illness.
A prerequisite for this is a widespread interdisciplinary diagnosis without encumbering the patient too much. Our location is especially equipped to offer scientifically competent, complexly organized and fast diagnoses.
On the one hand we can offer preventive means and on the other hand we can accompany conservative treatment with dietary and physical recommendations.

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