Special Consultations - Dizziness and Headaches

Responsible: Dr. Fiedler, specialist for neurology

Dizziness and headaches are very encumbering for the afflicted and lower the quality of life. Due to the numerous possible causes a consultation has been established in the Diagnostic Center dealing solely with this problem. In order to discover the cause of the problem, an extensive preliminary examination is necessary, very often followed by a number of examinations in other fields. The physician responsible will initiate and co-ordinate these examinations and evaluate all results with the patient in order to then initiate a targeted treatment.

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Special Consultations - Exhaustion

Responsible: Mrs. Stöber,  certified psychologist

Daily encumbrances at work or in private life can  harm the inner balance and reduce our achievement potential. The amount of people suffer from exhaustion in Germany has greatly increased over the past years. It is because of this that we have established a special consultation in the Diagnostic Center Berlin to handle this problem. Through early detection and analysis of the causes a targeted treatment can be initiated together with the patient.

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