All chemical processes which take place in the body – weight loss or gain, growth, and all processing of food, oxygen and any of the body’s own substances is known as the metabolism and is regulated through enzymes, hormones and nerves. The amount of possible disturbances is accordingly large. Metabolic disorders can occur at any age or be congenital. Depending on the type of metabolic disorder, products may occur in unnatural abundance which in turn cannot be processed correctly.

Metabolic disorders

  • High cholesterol level
  • Diabetes
  • Diabetic polyneuropathy (malfunction of peripheral nerves)
  • Diabetic retinopathy (malfunction of the retina)
  • Weight problems (overweight, obesity)
  • Thyroid – over-active or under-active
  • Osteoporosis (degeneration of bone mineral density)
  • Metabolic Syndrome


Reduction or abstinence from smoking, fat and carbohydrate reduced diet, adequate and consistent treatment of existing metabolic disorders and hypertension if necessary, as well as regular physical activity are crucial elements for prevention. Focusing on disorders concerning the arteries of the legs, frequent walking, hiking or, if possible, jogging can prevent arterial occlusion.

Our Center is especially equipped to offer competent, organized and fast diagnoses. On the one hand, we can assist in preventing the onset of disorders, and on the other hand, help and complement conservative treatment with dietary and physical recommendations.

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