Back Pain

„Lumbago“, „intervertebral disc problems“ or „sciatica“ are all terms connected to pain in the lower back area. There are many causes for back pain, which can influence each other. Amongst these are physical factors such as behaviour or posture, as well as external, environmental influences and psychological reasons. The most common cause for back pain are degenerative changes in the spine and the intervertebral discs. Patients with posture problems such as a sway back and patients with weak musculature are affected more often.

How does back pain develop?

Back pain is caused by muscle tension. The tension hardens the muscle which in turn disturbs the surrounding nerves.

Pain therapy

The most important prerequisite for successful pain therapy is to find the cause of the pain. Therefore it is essential to describe the pain to your doctor as exactly as possible:

  • When did the pain start? Was it sudden or gradual?
  • Where is the pain located and what kind of pain is it?
  • What increases/decreases the pain?
  • Does the pain radiate to other regions of the body?
  • Is the pain accompanied by sensitivity loss, i.e. signs of paralysis?
  • Can you name a trigger for the pain?

Advice for a healthy back

  1. Be physically active
  2. Hold your back straight
  3. Bend your knees when stooping
  4. Don’t lift heavy objects
  5. Distribute weight and hold heavier objects close to your body
  6. Sit straight and support your upper body
  7. Stand with knees slightly bent
  8. Lie with knees slightly bent
  9. Participate in sports, preferably swimming (crawl or back), jogging or cycling
  10. Exercise the muscles of your torso daily

Our goal is to create a guide in order to prevent back pain as well as early detection of the causes in cases of existing damage and the implementation of an individual and specific treatment.

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